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Industry Reports

MyanmarWood 2018-Brand New Venue Deliver Enjoyable Visit Experience

Jul 31, 2018

According to the report launched by Asian Development Bank recently, Myanmar`s GDP is expected to grow by 6.8% in 2018 and by 7.2% in 2019. The reasons that Myanmar`s economy is expected to stay on a steady growth path over the next two years are because of the supporting of economic reforms and the strong global growth. In addition, the new Companies Law, approved in last December and set to be ...

Emergency Room Scenario Station Impresses Global Visitors with Diversity of Taiwan's Real-world EMS Products Supply Chain

First-ever themed pavilion proved a success

Jun 25, 2018

The 2018 MEDICARE TAIWAN and SenCARE, running from June 21 through 24 in TWTC Exhibition Hall 1, received accolades from visitors attending from all over the world for the widely varied exhibits and interesting event program offered. Among the offerings, “Emergency Room Scenario Station” created an even bigger buzz and remained a hit with professional buyers during the four-day span of the tr...

“Medical Technology and IoT Applications” Intended to Provide Clear Picture of Smart Hospitals of Future

New system platforms for IoMT were unveiled there.

Jun 25, 2018

The rise of IoT has laid the foundation for the development of the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), which, in turn, has given a boost to the global healthcare industry in a constant pursuit of smart healthcare. Suggesting the ongoing trend, the “Medical Technology and IoT Application” exhibition area that gathered solution providers of the said emerging applications at this year’s MEDICARE ...

Industry In-Focus

ITRI Leads Way in Developing OLED Lighting in Taiwan

High-profile R&D institute debuts flexible OLED lighting panels at this year's TILS

Apr 18, 2017

In light of OLED (organic light-emitting diode) increasingly applied in lighting in modern times, Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), a Taiwanese government-funded, pioneer R&D institute on advanced technology, has actively engaged in researching and developing related applied technologies over the past years, to lay a solid foundation for the development of OLED lighting in Taiwan. ...

TILS and LED Taiwan 2017 Together Usher in New Golden Age of Global Lighting Industry

Numerous trendsetting LED lighting solutions and innovative lighting fixtures on display will inspire visitors

Apr 13, 2017

With LED lighting popularity rapidly climbing worldwide, the Taiwan International Lighting Show (TILS) continues to be held in conjunction with LED Taiwan at the same venue this year, serving as a one-stop sourcing platform for buyers looking for new opportunities. LEDinside, a Taiwan-based market research institute, indicates that global market demand for LED lighting was estimated at US$30.5...

Mao Chuan's Religious Adherence to Global Standards Works

Breeding staff loyalty one of secrets to sustained success

Mar 07, 2017

Mao Chuan Industrial Co., Ltd., founded in 1970 in Changhua County, central Taiwan, started up as a small OEM of clothing parts and related accessories and then, after gaining years of experience in punching, diversified into manufacturing leather accessories and footwear parts mainly for Nike and Reebok, hence significantly widening its product range. In recent years and having built considerabl...

Supplier News


Aug 16, 2018

APACH/力偕實業股份有限公司專精於設計製造氣動釘搶、氣動版手。提供完整系列的衝擊扳手和打磨機,超過50種不同的型號,包括3/8“,1/2”,3/4”,1”和1 1/2”尺寸支氣動扳手,螺絲起子,打磨機,空氣軟管和壓縮機,且通過CE及ISO9001認證和多國專利。外銷出口到美國,杜拜,西班牙,俄羅斯等40多個國家。APACH的開發團隊佔比超過20%有豐富的OEM和ODM經驗。 主力產品: AW050G、AW050H 產品特色: 傳動軸採用日本鋼材、提供穩定、高效率及大扭力 本體短小、輕便,適合於狹窄空間使用 結構簡單、堅固耐用、維護容易 AW050H特殊傳動軸專利設計,配合短套筒設計可提供同級別中最短之應用,本體僅84mm,卻擁有高扭力之表現。除可搭配特殊套筒外,同時也可搭配傳統傳動軸,讓使用者可依習慣使用。 力偕實業股份有限公司 APACH IND...



Aug 16, 2018

科閎新研發的12V/24V兩用救車霸,採用穩定性較高的鉛酸電池,比市面銷售的鋰電池更耐用,救車的次數更多。充電時使用2顆12V電池的並聯平衡充電方式,可將2顆電池完全充飽;在接頭方面,使用科閎(威豹)新開發的MPP(More Power Pass)專利接頭,可有12V和24V兩種單獨的輸出,過電比安德森接頭更大,並將傳統式的救車霸旋轉扭開關方式改良、以夾子線組來區分為12V和24V兩款來做區隔,讓使用者能夠明確依照汽車伏特正確使用安全無虞,12V的電力輸出也可比原先多出2倍;在輸出功能方面,有2個點煙座、2個DC Jack、4個USB孔,讓消費者能夠將本產品在外出露營或天然災難時當做備用電源使用。 科閎公司不論是在儲蓄電力或是運用在緊急救援電池、照明,會持續不斷的投入研發,開創更新的產品。 科閎有限公司 HPMJ CO., LTD. 432 台中市大肚區王田...


Chuan Lih Fa Machinery Works Co., Ltd.

Plastic Injection Molding Machines

Aug 15, 2018

Founded in 1966, Chuan Li Fah(CLF) Machinery Works Co., Ltd. specializes in producing various plasticinjection molding machines. It is acompany with vast experience and stable operation. CLF-branded machinery has long been globally renowned for its high performance and reasonable price. Wu Zhi-zhe, Manager of Research and Development Engineering Department of CLF, said that the company’s l...


Insiders' Views

MPN's Editor-at-large Provides Holistic, In-depth Insights into U.S. Market for Powersports

Industry veteran suggests Taiwanese suppliers establish market presence as priority

May 24, 2018

One of the concurrent events held during the 13th Taiwan International Motorcycle Industry Show (Motorcycle Taiwan 2018), the seminar titled “Turning New U.S. Powersports Business Opportunities” was rounded off with overwhelming acclaim from the audience as a resounding success, mostly thanks to the excellent quality of the lecturers invited, all of whom are seasoned veterans and experts at high ...

Exclusive Interview with Editor-in-chief in PSB

He points out building OEM partnership as a savvy strategy for Taiwanese suppliers trying to penetrate U.S.'s powersports market

May 24, 2018

During his visit to the Taiwan International Motorcycle Industry Show 2018 (Motorcycle Taiwan 2018) that ran from April 12 through 15, Dave McMahon, editor-in-chief of Powersports Business (PSB), was interviewed exclusively by CENS to share his views on the current development and outlooks of the powered two-wheeler market in the U.S. While the magazine PSB is one of the most reliable sources ...

New Chairman of Taipei Kitchen Commerce Association Eyes SE Asian Market

Jun 27, 2017

Angus Tseng, Oddo Kitchen president and newly elected chairman of Taipei Kitchen Commerce Association, is aiming to explore more business opportunities in the international market through industrial upgrading. “Kitchenware industry is now facing the issues such as manpower shortage, inadequate brand differentiation, rapid rise of China, and chaotic market competition.” Tseng said. “Therefore,...

Exhibition Highlights

Taiwan's 4-in-1 Auto & Motorcycle Parts and Accessories Show (AMPA) Present Diversity and Agility of Taiwan's Automobile Industry

Aug 13, 2018

2018 Taipei AMPA, AutoTronics Taipei, Taiwan ITS, Motorcycle STaiwan, and Taiwan International Car Tuning and Car Care Show have successfully concluded on April 14 and 15. There were a total of 1,306 companies using 3,707 booths in this year’s five-in-one exhibition that attracted 6,854 foreign and domestic visitors from 120 countries. Exhibition Introduction The three major themes of thi...

AMPA Over the Seas for the First Time! Engine Starts for Dual Expo in Myanmar

Aug 07, 2018

After 5 years of experience in Myanmar, Auto Expo Myanmar has taken on the new name of AMPA Myanmar since this year along with the fame of Taipei AMPA, a world- famous show brand that has over 30 years of remarkable show history. It is expected to achieve greater show results and become the sub-brand of Taipei AMPA in Southeast Asia. In order to provide better service, the show has especially ...

Japan's Leading Trade Show for Tools & Hardware Industry

Aug 06, 2018

8th International Hardware & Tools Expo Tokyo (TOOL JAPAN) will be held from October 10 - 12, 2018, at Makuhari Messe, Japan. As Japan’s leading hardware and tools trade show, 1,930* exhibitors and 67,000* visitors are expected to gather from across the globe. Professional tools for architects, carpenters, maintenance, and horticulture are displayed at TOOL JAPAN. There are varieties of exhibit a...

CENS Global Pass

Liege International Co., Ltd

Professional manufacturer of rubber parts for engines

Nov 06, 2017

Established in 1992, Liege International Co., Ltd, a Taiwan-based company specializing in making rubber parts and suspension links, has been committed to satisfying its domestic and overseas customers with high quality and professional services. To meet ever-changing market demands, Liege has been continuously putting efforts on the R&D of new products. Hydraulic Engine Mounting, for instance...


Yeu Tsang Co., Ltd.

Connectors, waterproof connectors, DC power connectors, battery clips, cable assemblies, etc.

Aug 03, 2017

40 years of manufacturing experience Yeu Tsang is an ISO 9001:2008-certified manufacturer and exporter of electronic components. We have 26 years of professional experience in manufacturing DIN connectors, auto plugs, clips, audio/video connectors, cable assemblies and many more. Certified management system Our management system has been certified by one of the most respected third party c...



PHR-EN Series, High-speed Blowing Bag Machine, Mini Blowing Bag Machine, PP Blowing Bag Machine

Jul 03, 2017

DOPLAS ENTERPRISE CO., LTD. was established in 1995, is one of the leading manufacturers of various plastic extruders & peripheral equipment, high-speed blowing bag machine, mini blowing bag machine, pumping plate machine, Laminating machine, plastic waste recycling machine, bag making machine and pipe making machine. The main products for the waste bag recycling machine PHR-EN series and PHR-...